Saturday, May 3, 2008



We have mutual friends in common
Same job Same position
We share the same commas
For future dramas we taking it slow
Promised our mamas we would let it grow
February 16th marks our year to show
And just to let you know I’m here to stay
I promise to hear you more before I try to say
In some way on some day
On Sunday on a one way
On a bus or the passenger seat
We click tight like Dorothy’s feet

I’ve asked my past to presently let me progress
I’ve shaved my chest to bare my soul
Removed my heart from the North Pole
I’ve replaced icicles with tickles of your affection
Placed your picture on my mirror so I can be one with your reflection
These words are not designed to one day caress your midsection
It’s only a reminder to keep me in your best blessing
Keep cooking that cornbread dressing
And dressing the way you do
I’m addressing the way I feel and I wish that you would too


Just D. said...

Beautiful. She should be flattered. Good luck with finals!

Kara said...

Aww, that was lovely!

Yashica said...

Awww, lil Bro... I feel your pain.. been there... LOVE

KD said...

*snaps fingers repeatedly* You go! :-)