Sunday, June 1, 2008

Father Michael Pfleger Deserves the Support of Black Men

Father Michael Pfleger called me on my cell phone a couple of weeks ago. I was busy, in the middle of something. But when he called, I stopped what I was doing to talk to him. I am not religious, but I know a true man of God when I see one. Michael Pfleger catches heat for being so direct, but I respect him a great deal. He stands tall and strong in the name of God and while there might be those who want to see Pfleger gone, the reality is that there is tremendous truth in what he says.

Anyone who sees Father Michael Pfleger's bio knows that he is serious about seeking fairness and justice in America. He not only pursues racial justice, he pursues AMERICAN justice. If Jesus were in the flesh today, he would be doing similar things. Again, this is a man who walks the walk and will go down in history as one of the greatest pastors ever.

Those who claim that Pfleger preaches hate don't know a damn thing about what hate really is. If they want to see hate, they only need to look at what their parents, grandparents and great grandparents have done to African Americans since our country was founded. The idea that fighting historical oppression is equivalent to maintaining oppression (i.e. Sean Hannity is the same as Jeremiah Wright) is not only silly, but it is quite revealing of how little racial education an individual has. A daughter who files a lawsuit against the family of the man who raped her mother and stole her belongings is not a thief and rapist herself. As Father Pfleger points out clearly, this government has benefitted from stealing from our ancestors, that is why black people have nothing: we don't own media, we don't own corporations, we don't own universities. That didn't happen overnight. It happened because of racism, and we are forced to deal with these effects every single day.

For those with open minds, I encourage you to listen to Father Pfleger. For those who don't want to listen, just continue bathing yourself in the ignorance inherited from your forefathers who also taught you to ignore the obvious about racism. God bless you Father Pfleger, you are truly my brother. Martin Luther King is smiling from beyond.


Anonymous said...

Yes he is speaking what many white ministers will not. He is speaking the truth & it rankles, sears & tears through the dross. I would not be surprised if he is taken out one day....

Harvey said...

Have you ever in your life seen anybody pandering more to a Black audience? He did everything but grab his crotch and start babbling about hoes, bitches and motherfuckers? More proof that being celibate makes you freaking nuts in my humble opinion!

Joe said...

So Harvey,

when you speak like a lilly white man on your corporate job to fit in, are you pandering to a white audience?