Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your Black World: Are Black NBA Players Losing 'Handle'?

In less than 72 hrs, two of Black America's most brightest and "ballest" NBA stars were humiliated on the court by a white, or non-black basketball player.

First up, it was Sacramento Kings point Guard, Beno Udrih's wicked crossover against Kobe during a pre-season game (Not Pretty):

And then came the horror now simply known as, "Stuart Tanner v Devin Harris." In an impromptu game at a London street park last week, New Jersey Nets star, Devin Harris was offered to play a dorky looking UK fan. Unbeknown to Harris, this fellow is somewhat of a StreetBall legend in the UK, and Harris, sure enough, soon found out how much of a legend he was:

- Get it together guys

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