Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The term Smedium(pronounced smee-dee-um) refers to an article of clothing that is too small to be worn by the person sporting it. Case in point: A 239 pound man wearing a small shirt. He would be classified as wearing a smedium shirt. He definitely needs an XL OR XXL shirt.

All jokes aside, this poem is about smedium people. Also known as "people who dont want to see you grow" This is dedicated to those who have put up boundaries for YOUR life. As I progress as an individual I have learned that change is definitely a personal journey. A journey where sometime the weeds look like flowers. YO!


Some will you call informed
Others will you call inflated
People will smile and speak
Bite their lip and they hate it
Hate it when you walk because your aura
Exceeds their social limits
You can have a beautiful face
But they always find the blemish

Friends will become frienemies
Enemies will become relatives
Bullshit becomes relative
When everything states the opposite, the negative
Focusing on the irrelevant
The unnecessary, the unrelated
People will marry your lifestyle
And you haven’t even dated

They watch your every move for blips
So they can have Freudian slips in the name of friendship
Distance themselves from your success
By congratulating you in excess
They can’t respect your growth
So they smile in front and front you from behind
Shout your name in whispers
Pat you on the back with no spine

They feel 3 letters define
When you replace your c’s with k’s
Add Yo! After every phrase
See you walking with a few extra females
And they become amazed
3 letters never meant so much since A, B, C
Maybe I’ve grown up
While they’re stuck on 1, 2, 3



I love it PHI... Keep beasting bro.
Aces in the builder!!

Mom said...

Love this Son!!! Glad to see you writing again

Patricia said...

Bravo! Bravo! Don.

I will forward this to a friend who I know would appreciate this also.

Fly Gal26 said...

Nice;) That's really all I can say! lol even though I'm not greek, anyone can relate to knowing people who are fake, smile in your face -but wanna see u fall... It's all true! Keep doin you, give them somethin to talk about;)


K to the... said...

Love. It. EE-Yo!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling it FRAT, this is hot!! I really like it. EE-YO!!! (LOL)