Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Think Tank for African American Progress

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Call for Solutions

The Think Tank for African American Progress – to be held in Memphis from October 14 to October 16, 2009 – seeks solutions to challenges confronting Black boys and young men. We are inviting scholars, activists, and advocates to join us for the 2009 Think Tank with the theme “What is the Future of Black Boys?”. Practitioners, community activists, and researchers whose efforts are related to the following thematic areas are invited to submit a solutions proposal in relevance to one of the 4 thematic areas: (1) Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (S.T.E.M); (2) Education/Youth Development; (3) Community/Economic Development, and (4) Health.

The Think Tank will feature opportunities for practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and, Black youth themselves to: (a) dialogue about solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our communities; (b) think about strategies to resolve these challenges; and (c) design methodologies by which to implement solutions. We will consider formal, applied program evaluations as well as papers that integrate theoretical perspectives to better inform local, state, or federal policies.

Those wishing to participate in the Think Tank should submit a 750 – 1000 word proposal summary detailing a specific challenge facing Black boys and young men, along with an outline of suggested solutions. The summary should outline specific solutions or strategies for an issue in one of the previously mentioned areas. It should also include a rationale for the proposed solution(s), and strategies that a target audience (i.e., practitioners, parents, educators, and policy makers) could feasibly implement. In addition, applicants should identify what resources are needed in the implementation of the proposed solutions. First authors of accepted proposals will receive free registration to the Think Tank to present their paper in a poster presentation. In addition, there will be publication and collaboration opportunities (e.g., special issues in peer-reviewed journals and funded workgroups) from the Think Tank.
Potential Topics

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