Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Michael Jackson’s Mother Discusses Michael’s Death on The Today Show

Your Black World reports

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine was on The Today Show discussing her son’s death and the man accused of killing him, Dr. Conrad Murray.  Mrs. Jackson feels that Dr. Murray was “negligent” and she’s obviously very upset with him.

Mrs. Jackson has been in court every day during the preliminary trial of Dr. Murray.  She also feels that a maximum sentence of four years for Murray’s crime is not harsh enough.  Finally, Mrs. Jackson says that her son being accused of molestation is one of the “biggest lies ever told,” and noted that Jackson’s original accuser has since confessed that he made it all up so that his father could “get rich.”

You can watch the video below or by clicking on this link.

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Zeus [Moderator] 03/24/2011 05:05 PM
Fiction is stranger than truth.
I love fiction so let me tell you a short story. As a former insider, I will tell you what really happened to him and then I will sit back and smile because even though you were told the truth most of you will still see it as fiction because you can not see the obvious in front of you now. But that's ok because some of you want and need to know. I want no part of this anymore and I told him and his people this long ago. I also told them that if he didn't put an end to this now that I would spill the beans and tell all. There are three of us, actually, who have seen this go on far too long now and we got out because he has totally lost it and we no longer can stand by and watch his fans suffer like this. He did some things in his past that was never supposed to be made public and was in debt worse than most realize or what the media has reported. Out of desperation, he borrowed some money from some really bad people. These people make loan sharks and the mafia look like kindergarten. They discovered his hidden past secret and they gave him a finite amount of time to pay up or they would expose it all and some bad things would happen. In desperation, he and his legal friends cooked up a plan to fake his death. The truth is that they knew the fans would be so devastated by his death that they would buy anything and everything they put out there with his name or likeness on it. They had seen this happen before with other popular artists who faked their deaths so they knew it would work because he was even more popular, his fans are the most obsessed and blindly defend him without question which worked in his favor. Quite the smart manipulator he is. The public at large and non-fans wouldn't care so there was no worry about them and the media doesn't do real investigative work anymore so that was not a threat either.....