Thursday, May 5, 2011

Study: Minorities Still Locked Out of Most Institutions

   Taking command: President Obama talks with members of the national security team in the White House situtation room following the conclusion of the mission

by Dr. Boyce Watkins,, Scholarship in Action 

I took a look at an ABC News picture of President Barack Obama sitting in a Situation Room with lead advisers watching the assassination of Obama bin Laden.  Everyone had a tense look on their face, as 10 years of hard work suddenly came down to the wire.  I couldn’t help but notice, as I scanned all the faces across the room, that there were only two women present (Hillary Clinton and another woman in the back), and one bi-racial black man (President Obama).  Every other person in the room was a white male. 

What startles me the most is that millions of other Americans can look at this picture and see absolutely nothing wrong with it.  The “white guy’s club” has always been the status quo in leadership positions.

It appears that this problem doesn’t just exist in government, it exists in academia, corporate America and nearly every other institution in our nation.  Most interesting is that no one seems to care or take the matter seriously.  Quite a few universities and corporations love to use the word “diversity” as if it were some kind of intellectual toilet paper, but most of them don’t actually practice anything close to what they preach.


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