Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Man Shares His Story About Being Investigated for Sending Child to "Wrong" School


Dr. Watkins,

What you see happening in Norwalk , CT is not an isolated incident in my state.

My name is Jim Zygmont, I was investigated, staked out, and brought before a judge by the Fairfield (CT) Board of Education because of my desire to have my brother receive a high school education at a considerably good school.

I was born and raised in the projects of Stamford (CT). My brother is White/African American and I am white. He looks more African American than he does white, if you know what I mean.

Long story short, my brother lived in a home that was broken, influenced by drugs, and supported by a single mother.. When my brother was in high school, my mother moved out of state. He became dangerously at risk of not finishing high school. That’s when my other brother and I took action.My brother OWNS A HOME in Fairfield , and at the time I lived in Norwalk . My younger brother lived with me, and I would drive him to Fairfield H.S. every morning. It should be noted that the school is predominantly white. When I began driving my brother to school I guess I attracted attention to myself and my license plate was photographed. The school noticed I was from Norwalk .

They proceeded to have two private detectives stake my home and photograph me with my brother getting into my car and even while I was driving him to school. This happened for about 3 months.

CT statutes say no child can be denied an education. But the case came down to a determination of whether my brother was a resident of Norwalk or Fairfield . I lost.

I was ordered to pay back a year in a half of education almost $15,000 and remove my brother from the school.

I wonder how many white students faced this dilemma. Please don’t stop focusing attention to this issue.

Thank you for your time.

Jim Zygmont

Trumbull, CT
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